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Benest downhill

Characteristics: Benest downhill frames are equipped with the patented Benest shock absorption system which yields a progressive dependence of suspension on the rear fork travel (in other words, on the force exerted on rear subframe). That is possible thanks to the special construction of leverage connecting the rear subframe, the shock absorber, and the front subframe. Benest DH frames are made from the SANKO 25CrMo4 chromium-molybdenum steel and are machine-welded in protective atmosphere, using the WIG method. Placing the pivot in the rear subframe minimizes the impact of pedaling on suspension; swinging fork improves the quality of suspension and guarantees minimum change of wheelbase during suspension. Swinging fork of the DH 200 model's rear subset is welded. Its new construction and new material for the rear subframe further increase its strength compared to the previous models. In addition, we strengthened the area around the head tube. At present, pivotal mounts come equipped with needle bearings with longer use life than the less expensive SKF bushes used in the past. Leverage is manufactured from outstanding aluminum alloys. We use the Benest shock absorber which has well proven its quality in the past. The head tube of the DH 200 model allows the use of modern integrated head composition. The frame set comes with a lower chain tensioner and a special chain guide designed especially for this frame. The DH 200 frame is supplied with the 1-1/8" integrated head composition. Riders can adjust the absorption rate with very sensitive regulation of the shock absorber. We supply springs of different hardness to match the weight of the rider. The resulting suspension is very sensitive and reacts even to the smallest terrain irregularity. The suspension is linear, with a slight progressive increase toward the end of travel. The shock absorber never reaches the maximum rebound travel and the frame is ideal for terrain with potholes or large stone fields.

Dim.Description DH 200 DS 120
ASeat tube angle 65° 65°
B Head tube angle 66° 68°
C Upper tube lenght 523 mm / 20.6" 529 mm / 20.8"
DSeat tube lenght 400 mm / 15.7" 354 mm / 13.9"
E Chainstay lenght420 mm / 16.5"425 mm / 16.7"
FRecomm. front susp. travel 180-200 mm / 7"-7.8"120 - 130 mm / 4.7" - 5.1"
G Bottom bracket height380 mm / 14.9"345 mm / 13.6"
HHead tube diameter Integraded 1 1/8"Oversize 31,8 mm / 1 1/8"
JStandover height 733 mm / 28.9"675 mm / 26.6"
N Shock absorber axle base235 mm / 9.3"205 mm / 8"
QSeat tube offset66 mm / 2.6"66 mm / 2.6"
SSeat tube diameter29.8 mm / 1.2"29.8 mm / 1.2"
TRear susp. travel 200 mm / 7,8"120 mm / 4.7"
W Wheell base1 130 mm / 44.4"1 090 mm / 42.9"

Use: The Benest DH 200 frame is suitable for professional downhill bikes and for hobby bikers, too. It is unique thanks to its two mounts for IS disc brakes, both inside and outside the rear fixed terminal designed especially for this purpose. The frame is also equipped with brake tube support. The clearance of the rear subframe is 80 mm, that is the 2,6" tire. The Benest DS/120 frame is intended for dual slalom bikes and downhill bikes for lighter terrain.
Assembly: The Benest frames are supplied ready for assembly. The Benest shock absorber is easily adjustable without any tools. Pressure in the internal floating piston is preset during manufacturing. Do not manipulate with the valve under any circumstances. The shock absorber is preset to maximum absorption. i.e. the regulation disc is turned all the way to the right. To regulate the absorption, turn the disc to the left; the entire absorption scope is 1.5 to 2 turns to the left. The maximum number of turns is four, after that oil leaks may occur. Under any circumstances, do not disassemble the shock absorber. The Benest original upper lead must be carefully set before the assembly of the bike is fully completed.
Maintenance and service: The Benest frames do not require any special maintenance. Prior to any manipulation with the regulation nut of the shock absorber spring, the thread on the shock absorber body must be cleaned. Do not manipulate with the valve. Oil needs to be exchanged according to the use of the bike, but at least once a season. Do not exchange the oil yourself. Both guarantee and after-guarantee service of the frame and shock absorber is provided either by certified services or by the manufacturer with express delivery.
Accessories: Upon a request, the Benest frames can be supplied with additional shock absorber spring and the complete leverage system or with the following parts: hinges, bearings, rear subset, stainless nuts and bolts, etc. Nonetheless, we recommend to have the manufacturer handle all the repairs of frame and shock absorber.
Offer: The Benest downhill frames are supplied world-wide solely by the manufacturer. We ship them by air mail of the Czech Post Service. There are no Benest agents in any country of the world. If you wish to buy Benest frames follow these three steps:
1. Send us an order (Order form follows).
2. We will send you an e-mail with the payment details.
3. We will ship the goods within 24 hours after your payment arrives.
Price list: The following table contains purchase prices for a single piece, shipping included. If you wish to order a larger shipment, special prices can be negotiated.

Destination DH 200DS 120
Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Denmark, Netherlands, Hungary, Bulgaria, Latvia 1250,-- EUR1028,-- EUR
United Kingdom 879,-- GBP724,-- GBP
Spain, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Romania 1256,-- EUR1034,-- EUR
Israel, Canada, India, Russia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates 1518,-- USD1255,-- USD
United States of America 1536,-- USD 1272,-- USD
South Africa, Korea, Brazil, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia 1548,-- USD1284,-- USD
Australia, Mexico, Hongkong, Chile, China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore 1565,-- USD1301,-- USD
New Zealand, Argentina, 1590,-- USD1326,-- USD

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